Our Forefathers chose the site of Padstow well.  Nestled in a small creek on the west side of the Camel Estuary, it is sheltered from all but the east wind.  No-one could've planned the Padstow of today. Gradual reclamation of the creek has created a jumble of houses of different shapes and architectural design. There are many houses and alley ways tucked away from sight; wonderful to explore.
The centre of all activity is the harbour. Lock gates, erected to prevent flooding, ensure that the inner harbour is always flooded. During the summer months this is a haven for visiting yachtsmen, during the winter it provides a safe refuge for long distance fishing craft from towns all over the UK. Visitors flock to the harbour to meander around, enjoying the views and  the numerous shops and cafes situated  there.

The pace of life here is much slower and  the weather is very mild. 

Spend your days exploring the town or walking around the coast path.  

There are several beautiful, safe, sheltered beaches on both sides of the estuary.  Walk to the ones on the Padstow side or take the passenger ferry to Rock.